This is a list of Greek characters such as letters, symbols, punctuation marks available under different ASCII character sets. Under each ASCII character you will find more detailed information about under which character set you find the character.
Greek Characters
Symbol Unicode HTML Number HTML Name HTML Name2 Name
ͺU+037AͺGreek ypogegrammeni
΄U+0384΄Greek tonos
΅U+0385΅Greek dialytika tonos
ΆU+0386ΆGreek capital letter Alpha with tonos
άU+03ACάGreek small letter Alpha with tonos
ΑU+0391ΑΑGreek capital letter Alpha
αU+03B1ααGreek small letter alpha
ΒU+0392ΒΒGreek capital letter Beta
βU+03B2ββGreek small letter beta
γU+03B3γγGreek small letter gamma
ΓU+0393ΓΓGreek capital letter Gamma
ΔU+0394ΔΔGreek capital letter Delta
δU+03B4δδGreek Small Letter Delta
έU+03ADέGreek small letter Epsilon with tonos
ΈU+0388ΈGreek capital letter Epsilon with tonos
ΕU+0395ΕΕGreek capital letter Epsilon
εU+03B5εεGreek small letter epsilon
ΖU+0396ΖΖGreek capital letter Zeta
ζU+03B6ζζGreek small letter zeta
ηU+03B7ηηGreek small letter eta
ΗU+0397ΗΗGreek capital letter Eta
ΉU+0389ΉGreek capital letter Eta with tonos
ήU+03AEήGreek small letter Eta with tonos
ΘU+0398ΘΘGreek capital letter Theta
θU+03B8θθGreek small letter theta
ΐU+0390ΐGreek small letter iota with dialytika and tonos
ϊU+03CAϊGreek small letter iota with dialytika
ίU+03AFίGreek small letter Iota with tonos
ιU+03B9ιιGreek small letter iota
ΪU+03AAΪGreek capital letter Iota with dialytika
ΊU+038AΊGreek capital letter Iota with tonos
ΙU+0399ΙΙGreek capital letter Iota
ΚU+039AΚΚGreek capital letter Kappa
κU+03BAκκGreek small letter kappa
λU+03BBλλGreek small letter lamda
ΛU+039BΛΛGreek capital letter Lamda
ΜU+039CΜΜGreek capital letter Mu
μU+03BCμμGreek small letter mu
νU+03BDννGreek small letter nu
ΝU+039DΝΝGreek capital letter Nu
ΞU+039EΞΞGreek capital letter Xi
ξU+03BEξξGreek small letter xi
όU+03CCόGreek small letter omicron with tonos
οU+03BFοοGreek small letter omicron
ΌU+038CΌGreek capital letter Omicron with tonos
ΟU+039FΟΟGreek capital letter Omicron
πU+03C0ππGreek small letter pi
ΠU+03A0ΠΠGreek capital letter Pi
ΡU+03A1ΡΡGreek capital letter Rho
ρU+03C1ρρGreek small letter rho
ςU+03C2ςςGreek small letter final sigma
σU+03C3σσGreek small letter sigma
ΣU+03A3ΣΣGreek capital letter Sigma
τU+03C4ττGreek small letter tau
ΤU+03A4ΤΤGreek capital letter Tau
ΰU+03B0ΰGreek small letter Upsilon with dialytika and tonos
υU+03C5υυGreek small letter upsilon
ϋU+03CBϋGreek small letter upsilon with dialytika
ύU+03CDύGreek small letter upsilon with tonos
ΫU+03ABΫGreek capital letter Upsilon with dialytika
ΥU+03A5ΥΥGreek capital letter Upsilon
ΎU+038EΎGreek capital letter Upsilon with tonos
φU+03C6φφGreek small letter phi
ΦU+03A6ΦΦGreek capital letter Phi
ΧU+03A7ΧΧGreek capital letter Chi
χU+03C7χχGreek small letter chi
ΨU+03A8ΨΨGreek capital letter Psi
ψU+03C8ψψGreek small letter psi
ωU+03C9ωωGreek small letter omega
ΩU+03A9ΩΩGreek capital letter Omega
ώU+03CEώGreek small letter omega with tonos
ΏU+038FΏGreek capital letter Omega with tonos

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