This is a list of Tilde characters such as letters, symbols, punctuation marks available under different ASCII character sets. Under each ASCII character you will find more detailed information about under which character set you find the character.
Characters with tilde
Symbol Unicode HTML Number HTML Name HTML Name2 Name
ÃU+00C3ÃÃLatin capital letter A with tilde
ãU+00E3ããLatin small letter a with tilde
ĩU+0129ĩĩLatin small letter i with tilde
ĨU+0128ĨĨLatin capital letter I with tilde
ñU+00F1ññLatin small letter n with tilde
ÑU+00D1ÑÑLatin capital letter N with tilde
ÕU+00D5ÕÕLatin capital letter O with tilde
õU+00F5õõLatin small letter o with tilde
ŨU+0168ŨŨLatin capital letter U with tilde
ũU+0169ũũLatin small letter u with tilde
~U+007E~˜Equivalency sign - tilde
˜U+02DC˜˜Small tilde
̃U+0303̃Combining tilde

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