This is a list of Hebrew characters such as letters, symbols, punctuation marks available under different ASCII character sets. Under each ASCII character you will find more detailed information about under which character set you find the character.
Hebrew Characters
Symbol Unicode HTML Number HTML Name HTML Name2 Name
ְU+05B0ְHebrew point Sheva
ֱU+05B1ֱHebrew point Hataf Segol
ֲU+05B2ֲHebrew point Hataf Patah
ֳU+05B3ֳHebrew point Hataf Qamats
ִU+05B4ִHebrew point Hiriq
ֵU+05B5ֵHebrew point Tsere
ֶU+05B6ֶHebrew point Segol
ַU+05B7ַHebrew point Patah
ָU+05B8ָHebrew point Qamats
ֹU+05B9ֹHebrew point Holam
ֺU+05BAֺHebrew point Holam Haser for Vav
ֻU+05BBֻHebrew point Qubuts
ּU+05BCּHebrew point Dagesh
ֽU+05BDֽHebrew point Meteg
־U+05BE־Hebrew punctuation Maqaf
ֿU+05BFֿHebrew point Rafe
׀U+05C0׀Hebrew point Paseq
ׁU+05C1ׁHebrew point Shin dot
ׂU+05C2ׂHebrew point Sin dot
׃U+05C3׃Hebrew punctuation Sof pasuq
אU+05D0אHebrew letter Alef
בU+05D1בHebrew letter Bet
גU+05D2גHebrew letter Gimel
דU+05D3דHebrew letter Dalet
הU+05D4הHebrew letter He
וU+05D5וHebrew letter Vav
זU+05D6זHebrew letter Zayin
חU+05D7חHebrew letter Het
טU+05D8טHebrew letter Tet
יU+05D9יHebrew letter Yod
ךU+05DAךHebrew letter final Kaf
כU+05DBכHebrew letter Kaf
לU+05DCלHebrew letter Lamed
םU+05DDםHebrew letter final Mem
מU+05DEמHebrew letter Mem
ןU+05DFןHebrew letter final Nun
נU+05E0נHebrew letter Nun
סU+05E1סHebrew letter Samekh
עU+05E2עHebrew letter Ayin
ףU+05E3ףHebrew letter final Pe
פU+05E4פHebrew letter Pe
ץU+05E5ץHebrew letter final Tsadi
צU+05E6צHebrew letter Tsadi
קU+05E7קHebrew letter Qof
רU+05E8רHebrew letter Resh
שU+05E9שHebrew letter Shin
תU+05EAתHebrew letter Tav
װU+05F0װHebrew ligature Yiddish double Vav
ױU+05F1ױHebrew ligature Yiddish Vav Yod
ײU+05F2ײHebrew ligature Yiddish double Yod
׳U+05F3׳Hebrew punctuation Geresh
״U+05F4״Hebrew punctuation Gershayim

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