This is a list of Acute characters such as letters, symbols, punctuation marks available under different ASCII character sets. Under each ASCII character you will find more detailed information about under which character set you find the character.
Characters with Acute
Symbol Unicode HTML Number HTML Name HTML Name2 Name
ÁU+00C1ÁÁLatin capital letter A with acute
áU+00E1ááLatin small letter a with acute
ćU+0107ććLatin small letter c with acute
ĆU+0106ĆĆLatin capital letter C with acute
ÉU+00C9ÉÉLatin capital letter E with acute
éU+00E9ééLatin small letter e with acute
íU+00EDííLatin small letter i with acute
ÍU+00CDÍÍLatin capital letter I with acute
ĺU+013AĺĺLatin small letter l with acute
ĹU+0139ĹĹLatin capital letter L with acute
ŃU+0143ŃŃLatin capital letter N with acute
ńU+0144ńńLatin xmall letter n with acute
ŐU+0150ŐŐLatin capital letter O with double acute
óU+00F3óóLatin small letter o with acute
ÓU+00D3ÓÓLatin capital letter O with acute
őU+0151őőLatin small letter o with double acute
ŕU+0155ŕŕLatin small letter r with acute
ŔU+0154ŔŔLatin capital letter R with acute
śU+015BśśLatin small letter s with acute
ŚU+015AŚŚLatin capital letter S with acute
ŰU+0170ŰŰLatin capital letter U with double acute
űU+0171űűLatin small letter u with double acute
ÚU+00DAÚÚLatin capital letter U with acute
úU+00FAúúLatin small letter u with acute
ýU+00FDýýLatin small letter y with acute
ÝU+00DDÝÝLatin capital letter Y with acute
źU+017AźźLatin small letter z with acute
ŹU+0179ŹŹLatin capital letter Z with acute
´U+00B4´´´Acute accent - spacing acute
˝U+02DD˝˝Double acute accent
́U+0301́Combining acute accent

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