This is a list of Arabic characters such as letters, symbols, punctuation marks available under different ASCII character sets. Under each ASCII character you will find more detailed information about under which character set you find the character.
Arabic Characters
Symbol Unicode HTML Number HTML Name HTML Name2 Name
،U+060C،Arabic comma
؛U+061B؛Arabic semicolon
؟U+061F؟Arabic question mark
ءU+0621ءArabic letter Hamzah
آU+0622آArabic letter Maddah on alef
أU+0623أArabic letter Hamzah on alef
ؤU+0624ؤArabic letter Hamzah on waw
إU+0625إArabic letter Hamzah under alef
ئU+0626ئArabic letter Hamzah on ya
اU+0627اArabic letter Alef
بU+0628بArabic letter Baa
ةU+0629ةArabic letter Teh marbuta
تU+062AتArabic letter Teh
ثU+062BثArabic letter Theh
جU+062CجArabic letter Jeem
حU+062DحArabic letter Hah
خU+062EخArabic letter Khah
دU+062FدArabic letter Dal
ذU+0630ذArabic letter Thal
رU+0631رArabic Letter Reh
زU+0632زArabic letter Zain
سU+0633سArabic letter Seen
شU+0634شArabic letter Sheen
صU+0635صArabic letter Sad
ضU+0636ضArabic letter Dad
طU+0637طArabic letter Tah
ظU+0638ظArabic letter Zah
عU+0639عArabic letter Ain
غU+063AغArabic letter Ghain
ـU+0640ـArabic tatweel
فU+0641فArabic letter Feh
قU+0642قArabic letter Qaf
كU+0643كArabic letter Kaf
لU+0644لArabic letter Lam
مU+0645مArabic letter Meem
نU+0646نArabic letter Noon
هU+0647هArabic letter Heh
وU+0648وArabic letter Waw
ىU+0649ىArabic letter Alef Maksura
يU+064AيArabic letter Ya
ًU+064BًArabic fathatan
ٌU+064CٌArabic dammatan
ٍU+064DٍArabic kasratan
َU+064EَArabic fathah
ُU+064FُArabic dammah
ِU+0650ِArabic kasrah
ّU+0651ّArabic shaddah
ْU+0652ْArabic sukun
ٹU+0679ٹArabic letter Tteh
پU+067EپArabic Taa with three dots below
چU+0686چArabic Haa with middle three dots downward
ڈU+0688ڈArabic letter Ddal
ڑU+0691ڑArabic letter Rreh
ژU+0698ژArabic Ra with three dots above
کU+06A9کArabic letter Keheh
گU+06AFگArabic Gaf
ںU+06BAںArabic letter Noon Ghunna
ھU+06BEھArabic letter Heh doachashmee
ہU+06C1ہArabic letter Heh Goal
ےU+06D2ےArabic letter Yeh Barree

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