ASCII uppercase characters are the letters 'A' through 'Z', which are assigned numbers 65 through 90 in the ASCII character encoding standard. They are used to represent uppercase letters in computers.
Uppercase A to Z
Code HEX Symbol HTML Number HTML Name HTML Name2 Name
6541AAUppercase A
6642BBUppercase B
6743CCUppercase C
6844DDUppercase D
6945EEUppercase E
7046FFUppercase F
7147GGUppercase G
7248HHUppercase H
7349IIUppercase I
744AJJUppercase J
754BKKUppercase K
764CLLUppercase L
774DMMUppercase M
784ENNUppercase N
794FOOUppercase O
8050PPUppercase P
8151QQUppercase Q
8252RRUppercase R
8353SSUppercase S
8454TTUppercase T
8555UUUppercase U
8656VVUppercase V
8757WWUppercase W
8858XXUppercase X
8959YYUppercase Y
905AZZUppercase Z

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