This is a list of Thai characters such as letters, symbols, punctuation marks available under different ASCII character sets. Under each ASCII character you will find more detailed information about under which character set you find the character.
Thai Characters
Symbol Unicode HTML Number HTML Name HTML Name2 Name
U+0E01กThai character Ko Kai
U+0E02ขThai character Kho Khai
U+0E03ฃThai character Kho Khuat
U+0E04คThai character Kho Khwai
U+0E05ฅThai character Kho Khon
U+0E06ฆThai character Kho Rakhang
U+0E07งThai character Ngo Ngu
U+0E08จThai character Cho Chan
U+0E09ฉThai character Cho Ching
U+0E0AชThai character Cho Chang
U+0E0BซThai character So So
U+0E0CฌThai character Cho Choe
U+0E0DญThai character Yo Ying
U+0E0EฎThai character Do Chada
U+0E0FฏThai character to Patak
U+0E10ฐThai character Tho Than
U+0E11ฑThai character Tho Nangmontho
U+0E12ฒThai character Tho Phuthao
U+0E13ณThai character No Nen
U+0E14ดThai character Do Dek
U+0E15ตThai character to Tao
U+0E16ถThai character Tho Thung
U+0E17ทThai character Tho Thahan
U+0E18ธThai character Tho Thong
U+0E19นThai character No Nu
U+0E1AบThai character Bo Baimai
U+0E1BปThai character Po Pla
U+0E1CผThai character Pho Phung
U+0E1DฝThai character Fo Fa
U+0E1EพThai character Pho Phan
U+0E1FฟThai character Fo Fan
U+0E20ภThai character Pho Samphao
U+0E21มThai character Mo Ma
U+0E22ยThai character Yo Yak
U+0E23รThai character Ro Rua
U+0E24ฤThai character Ru
U+0E25ลThai character Lo Ling
U+0E26ฦThai character Lu
U+0E27วThai character Wo Waen
U+0E28ศThai character So Sala
U+0E29ษThai character So Rusi
U+0E2AสThai character So Sua
U+0E2BหThai character Ho Hip
U+0E2CฬThai character Lo Chula
U+0E2DอThai character o Ang
U+0E2EฮThai character Ho Nokhuk
U+0E2FฯThai character Paiyannoi
U+0E30ะThai character Sara A
U+0E31ัThai character Mai Han-akat
U+0E32าThai character Sara Aa
U+0E33ำThai character Sara Am
U+0E34ิThai character Sara I
U+0E35ีThai character Sara II
U+0E36ึThai character Sara Ue
U+0E37ืThai character Sara Uee
U+0E38ุThai character Sara U
U+0E39ูThai character Sara Uu
U+0E3AฺThai character Phinthu
฿U+0E3F฿Thai currency symbol baht
U+0E40เThai character Sara E
U+0E41แThai character Sara Ae
U+0E42โThai character Sara O
U+0E43ใThai character Sara Ai Maimuan
U+0E44ไThai character Sara Ai Maimalai
U+0E45ๅThai character Lakkhangyao
U+0E46ๆThai character Maiyamok
U+0E47็Thai character Maitaikhu
U+0E48่Thai character Mai Ek
U+0E49้Thai character Mai Tho
U+0E4A๊Thai character Mai Tri
U+0E4B๋Thai character Mai Chattawa
U+0E4C์Thai character Thanthakhat
U+0E4DํThai character Nikhahit
U+0E4E๎Thai character Yamakkan
U+0E4F๏Thai character Fongman
U+0E50๐Thai digit zero
U+0E51๑Thai digit one
U+0E52๒Thai digit two
U+0E53๓Thai digit three
U+0E54๔Thai digit four
U+0E55๕Thai digit five
U+0E56๖Thai digit six
U+0E57๗Thai digit seven
U+0E58๘Thai digit eight
U+0E59๙Thai digit nine
U+0E5A๚Thai character Angkhankhu
U+0E5B๛Thai character Khomut

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