This is a list of Cyrillic characters such as letters, symbols, punctuation marks available under different ASCII character sets. Under each ASCII character you will find more detailed information about under which character set you find the character.
Cyrillic Characters
Symbol Unicode HTML Number HTML Name HTML Name2 Name
ЂU+0402ЂЂCyrillic capital letter Dje
ђU+0452ђђCyrillic small letter dje
єU+0454єєCyrillic small letter Ukrainian ie
ЄU+0404ЄЄCyrillic capital letter Ukrainian Ie
ѕU+0455ѕѕCyrillic small letter dze
ЅU+0405ЅЅCyrillic capital letter Dze
ІU+0406ІІCyrillic capital letter Byelorussian-Ukrainian I
їU+0457їїCyrillic small letter yi
ЇU+0407ЇЇCyrillic capital letter Yi
іU+0456ііCyrillic small letter Byelorussian-Ukrainian i
јU+0458јјCyrillic small letter je
ЈU+0408ЈЈCyrillic capital letter Je
ЉU+0409ЉЉCyrillic capital letter Lje
љU+0459љљCyrillic small letter lje
ЊU+040AЊЊCyrillic capital letter Nje
њU+045AњњCyrillic small letter nje
ЋU+040BЋЋCyrillic capital letter Tshe
ћU+045BћћCyrillic small letter Tshe
ЏU+040FЏЏCyrillic capital letter Dzhe
џU+045FџџCyrillic small letter Dzhe
аU+0430ааCyrillic Small Letter A
АU+0410ААCyrillic capital letter A
БU+0411ББCyrillic capital letter Be
бU+0431ббCyrillic small letter be
ВU+0412ВВCyrillic capital letter Ve
вU+0432ввCyrillic small letter ve
ГU+0413ГГCyrillic capital letter Ghe
гU+0433ггCyrillic small letter ghe
ЃU+0403ЃЃCyrillic capital letter Gje
ѓU+0453ѓѓCyrillic small letter gje
ДU+0414ДДCyrillic capital letter De
дU+0434ддCyrillic small letter de
ЕU+0415ЕЕCyrillic capital letter Ie
еU+0435ееCyrillic small letter ie
ЁU+0401ЁЁCyrillic capital letter Io
ёU+0451ёёCyrillic small letter io
ЖU+0416ЖЖCyrillic capital letter Zhe
жU+0436жжCyrillic small letter zhe
зU+0437ззCyrillic small letter ze
ЗU+0417ЗЗCyrillic capital letter Ze
иU+0438ииCyrillic small letter i
ИU+0418ИИCyrillic capital letter I
ЙU+0419ЙЙCyrillic capital letter Short I
йU+0439ййCyrillic small letter short i
ЌU+040CЌЌCyrillic capital letter Kje
ќU+045CќќCyrillic small letter Kje
кU+043AккCyrillic small letter ka
КU+041AККCyrillic capital letter Ka
лU+043BллCyrillic small letter el
ЛU+041BЛЛCyrillic capital letter El
МU+041CММCyrillic capital letter Em
мU+043CммCyrillic small letter em
нU+043DннCyrillic small letter en
НU+041DННCyrillic capital letter En
оU+043EооCyrillic small letter o
ОU+041EООCyrillic capital letter O
пU+043FппCyrillic small letter pe
ПU+041FППCyrillic capital letter Pe
рU+0440ррCyrillic small letter er
РU+0420РРCyrillic capital letter Er
сU+0441ссCyrillic small letter es
СU+0421ССCyrillic capital letter Es
ТU+0422ТТCyrillic capital letter Te
тU+0442ттCyrillic small letter te
ЎU+040EЎЎCyrillic capital letter short U
УU+0423УУCyrillic capital letter U
ўU+045EўўCyrillic small letter short u
уU+0443ууCyrillic small letter u
фU+0444ффCyrillic small letter ef
ФU+0424ФФCyrillic capital letter Ef
хU+0445ххCyrillic small letter ha
ХU+0425ХХCyrillic capital letter Ha
ЦU+0426ЦЦCyrillic capital letter Tse
цU+0446ццCyrillic small letter tse
чU+0447ччCyrillic small letter che
ЧU+0427ЧЧCyrillic capital letter Che
шU+0448шшCyrillic small letter sha
ШU+0428ШШCyrillic capital letter Sha
щU+0449щщCyrillic small letter shcha
ЩU+0429ЩЩCyrillic capital letter Shcha
ъU+044AъъCyrillic small letter hard sign
ЪU+042AЪЪCyrillic capital letter Hard Sign
ЫU+042BЫЫCyrillic capital letter Yeru
ыU+044BыыCyrillic small letter yeru
ЬU+042CЬЬCyrillic capital letter Soft Sign
ьU+044CььCyrillic small letter soft sign
ЭU+042DЭЭCyrillic capital letter E
эU+044DээCyrillic small letter e
юU+044EююCyrillic small letter yu
ЮU+042EЮЮCyrillic capital letter Yu
ЯU+042FЯЯCyrillic capital letter Ya
яU+044FяяCyrillic small letter ya
ґU+0491ґCyrillic small letter ghe with upturn
ҐU+0490ҐCyrillic capital letter Ghe with upturn

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