This is a list of Cedilla characters such as letters, symbols, punctuation marks available under different ASCII character sets. Under each ASCII character you will find more detailed information about under which character set you find the character.
Characters with cedilla
Symbol Unicode HTML Number HTML Name HTML Name2 Name
ÇU+00C7ÇÇLatin capital letter C with cedilla
çU+00E7ççLatin small letter c with cedilla
ĢU+0122ĢĢLatin capital letter G with cedilla
ģU+0123ģLatin small letter g with cedilla
ķU+0137ķķLatin small letter k with cedilla
ĶU+0136ĶĶLatin capital letter K with cedilla
ļU+013CļļLatin small letter l with cedilla
ĻU+013BĻĻLatin capital letter L with cedilla
ŅU+0145ŅŅLatin capital letter N with cedilla
ņU+0146ņņLatin small letter n with cedilla
ŗU+0157ŗŗLatin small letter r with cedilla
ŖU+0156ŖŖLatin capital letter R with cedilla
şU+015FşşLatin small letter s with cedilla
ŞU+015EŞŞLatin capital letter S with cedilla
ţU+0163ţţLatin small letter t with cedilla
ŢU+0162ŢŢLatin capital letter T with cedilla
¸U+00B8¸¸¸Spacing cedilla

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